Wednesday, 9 May 2012

London Zoo Treats!

so, i inquired about volunteering at ZSL.
a friend of a friend already volunteers there and offered to tell me more about it and show us around, and throw in some treats for our day out.
we didn't know until we got there what we would be doing. but as you can see, 
we got to feed lemurs giraffes and sloths in their enclosures.
it was amazing.
Lemurs are so chilled playful and affectionate, i could have stayed in there all day.
Giraffes were funny. they are so beautiful, i want their eyelashes!
the sloths were my favourite!
there were 2 - Marilyn (because she's blonde) she's only 2 and Prince, he's 23!
i got to feed him, and because he's so old he is extra slow and has lost his teeth so his vegetables are steamed and mushy.
i felt so lucky and the whole day confirmed my love of animals.
i turn into a 5 year old whenever im at a zoo!
i would love to work with animals.
maybe animal photography...

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