Sunday, 6 May 2012

Recipe for Sherbert Cake

These are not my own pictures nor my own recipe but i'm a massive lover of baking tasty treats and wanted to reblog this so i can bake this tasty goodness myself.

Ingredients for cake:

2 tubs sherbert
1 box macaroons
some melted butter
springform pan

Ingredients for glaze:
2 tbsp hot water or milk
1/4 tsp lemon juice
1 cup powdered sugar


1. Take sherbert out of freezer and let soften about 5 min
2. Meanwhile, crush macaroons until coarsely chopped.
3. Add melted butter to macaroons until they "hold" together. Maybe 4 tbsp? I don't know. Just until it holds.
4. Place 1/3 macaroons on the bottom of pan. Layer with sherbert > macaroons > sherbert > macaroons
5. Let it settle in freezer for atleast 2 hours +
6. Make glaze by stiring water and lemon juice into the sugar a few drops at a time.
7. Cut cake and drizzle glaze over each slice and enjoy heaven!

i can't wait to try this delicious looking recipe and send special thanks to

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